TiliX is a modular system for isometric pixel blocks developed by eBoy. It hopes to make it easier to work with pixel modules in a collaborative environment, and to establish a base for generative approaches.
Grid dimensions have been carefully chosen, and allow for flexible divisions. Additionally, the concepts of 'Dual Pixels' and 'Right Pixels' are introduced. These are aimed to avoid clusters of lines.
Axes Objects with larger xy-values are placed in front.
Sides Upper right side is 1, then goes clock-wise.
Corners Top corner is A, then goes clock-wise.
Cell 7×7 Dual Px
The Grid is a good starting point: TiliX assets ↗
Block = 4×4 cells
cell divisions
Cell Divisions Divide by 2, 3, 6
Clusters TiliX is about trying to avoid clusters of lines.
iso lines dos and don'ts
Draw Iso Lines on the grid pixels to avoid clusters.
dual pixels
Dual Pixels sit at the heart of the isometric grid. They encapsulate the 2/1 proportion inherent to isometric pixel art.
right pixels
Right Pixels are the single pixel on the right side of dual pixels. They serve as anchors for positioning, and for drawing lines.
vertical lines
Vertical Lines should sit on Right Pixels only.
don't mirror
Do not mirror objects as vertical lines would end up on left pixels.
vertical lines dos & don'ts
Be consistent, and avoid the left pixels for Vertical Lines, or you'll have to deal with ugly cluster lines.
Cube Size is 4×4×4 Cells — but it's easy to divide — which makes the size very flexible.
cube grid cuts
Tilted cube faces in 1/4 steps.
module examples
Module examples
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